Getting up in the morning

This much I know: I am not a morning person. I am (as my Nanna used to call me) a Night Owl. During the evening and early hours I am at my most productive/energetic/entertaining. This means alarm clocks and dawn starts are very difficult for me. Very difficult indeed. A 9am meeting takes days of planning and at least 3 alarms amidst fears that I will oversleep and miss the whole shebang (to this day I never have, but I’ve had a few near┬ámisses). I used to be terrified of a power cut in the night which would turn off my alarm clock. My mobile phone multi alarm system has been my morning lifeline for years now (though now I worry that the battery will go flat so my back up alarm is now my old electric one!).

So here are a few hints and tips that help me get out of bed in the morning.

  1. Get a cat. A cat will come and stand on your head at 7:30am everyday and paw at your eyes until you get out of bed to feed it. They do it in such a cute way that you can’t possibly resist them.
  2. Get a kid. Slightly longer term option, agreed, but helps you wake up REALLY early. Especially when the clocks go back AND THEY DON’T NOTICE.
  3. Get into morning tele. If you’ve already gone for point 2. above, then you are likely to be versed in the wonder of insomniac children’s television. If not, there are plenty of news channels to choose from to brighten your morning!
  4. Get a teasmaid. Wake up to a cup of tea already made for you! What’s not to love? If you, like me, can’t function without a cuppa, this might be a great halfway house to enable you to have your cuppa and drink it. Before having to actually get out of bed. These things should be compulsory, in my humble opinion.



2 thoughts on “Getting up in the morning”

  1. Years ago, before mobile phones (yes, I’m that old) I used to put an old fashioned, wind-up alarm clock (y’know the ones with the bell on top), inside a metal saucepan, far enough from my bed so that when it went off in the morning I had to get RIGHT OUT of bed to turn the buggar off. From there it was just one continued, almost lurched movement, out of the bedroom door and into the bathroom. The noise was phenomenal. Kids today. They don’t know they are born.

    1. I remember the pain of the bells on the alarm clock. I used to have set about three different alarms to be sure I would get up. These days I’m a serial snoozer…

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