A room with a view

Tonight I am in a different city, in a different bed, with a different view. I’m listening to the hustle down below and wondering where all these strangers are heading, and what lives they are leading.

I remember the first time I became aware of my sense of self within my own head. I was about 11 and on my own on a bus heading into town to meet my friend at Top Shop. I noticed someone walking along the pavement next to the bus and was struck by the fact that I would never know what they were thinking and would probably never ever get to meet them to even ask them their name.

Sometimes it takes a change of view to remind us of ourselves. To remind us what it is that makes us unique and special. To remind us to consider our outlook, and be thankful for what we see.


Good food

Good food is essential to keeping a calm head and a strong body. It is so easy to get food these days. It’s packaged in handy plastic containers, and sold in portions, just for you! I am not the best cook. I struggle making food that isn’t yellow. But over the past few months I have tried really hard to ┬álearn how to cook food from scratch – with a little help from my friends.

One of the beautiful things about social media, is our friends are always next door. And that means ‘pass it forward’ becomes easier than ever. I have a few recipes that I inherited from from friends over the years, but these days, help is just a click away. I recently made a pasta/quiche/vegetable concoction that I would never have risked without message support from an experienced pasta quicher. Good things come to those who have access to social media stalkers to help you measure your pasta/eggs ratios.


New things

Learning new things keeps our brains ticking over, apparently. Learning a new instrument, a new language, a new sport. All these things are proven to get the synapses firing and keep us on our toes.

Well today I did a new thing. I had to go somewhere I’d never been before. I didn’t know the route and I didn’t know the destination. And it was dark. I was sensible – I used the satnav on my phone – but it still made me anxious. The roads were really winding and the new LED street lamps lit the roads up like a weird computer driving game.


But I made it – made it to the car park. Good. But now I realised didn’t know where I was going when I arrived! Gah… No satnav to find a music recital in a school building. Time for a phone call I think.