Waiting, waiting…

I WANT TO PUT MY TREE UP. I am the opposite of bah humbug. I would have the Christmas spirit all year round if I could get away with it. One thing I’ve started doing recently is leaving one extra set of fairy lights up all year – in a bowl, in the window, in the garden, in the fire place. Where ever I can get away with it, to be fair. I’ve even got my youngest hooked – he was thrilled to come home from school last week to find I’d draped his banister rails in bright white fairy lights as a treat. Boy after my own heart!

Well, at the moment it’s still November. So I can’t go for it just yet. Convention dictates WE DON’T DO CHRISTMAS TILL DECEMBER. Three days to wait. Get me to Dec 1st and my house will be lit up like Blackpool, and I will be beside myself with joy! So for now, I wait. Patience is everything at Christmas…

Christmas tree


Adventures in Norwich

A weekend away. A weekend of friends and love and glorious sunshine in Norfolk.

And it only took 3hrs to get there. 3 fantastic hours with my boy, listening to his favourite punk pop CDs all the way down the A17. And as usual, as soon as we get there, it was like we’d never been away. I love the precious time I get to spend not only with my boy, but sharing him with my amazing friend and her daughter. ¬†We have made plans – plans for next year, plans to get together again soon and now my boy is old enough to babysit, plans to actually go out!

Good times. Good times.