Some things that are ok

Lists are good. Everyone likes a list. So here’s a list of things that are ok…

  1. Putting on clean pants in the morning. This is ok because it means someone in your house (or you) has been organised enough to not only find all the dirty pants and wash them, but to then put the clean ones somewhere where you can find them. If this is you – yay you! If this is someone else – yay you for finding someone to do this for you!
  2. Having a cup of tea. This is ok because tea is always ok. We like tea. Think about how much organisation goes into having a cup of tea. Having fresh milk, a clean mug, actual teabags and a kettle. This is all good stuff. Well done you!
  3. A view. If you’ve got a view from inside looking out, then well done on finding a great seat with a great view. If you’ve got a view from outside looking out, then well done on getting out. Either way, winner!
  4. Not wanting to go to work. It’s not called ‘work’ for nothing. It’s ok to rather stay at home with the pants and the tea and the view. Who wouldn’t?
  5. Not wanting to go home. Kids’ packed lunches… You know what I’m talking about…


Sometimes, we just need to STOP and look at what is right there in front of us and try and find something good in that moment. That cup of tea looks pretty good to me right now.