Breathing into nowness

Today is all there is. Tomorrow doesn’t exist and yesterday is gone. All we have is now.

Nowness, or mindfulness, is the art of being in the moment, immersed completely in now. But before we can be present, we have to notice that we’re not, and this takes some practice.

What can I wear tomorrow?

What am I going to do about my broken hub-cap?

How am I going to make them like me more?

We drive ourselves mad. So stop. Notice the thoughts. And breathe. Long deep breaths. Count 3 in. Count 3 out. Repeat 5 times and concentrate only on your breathing. This is a calming technique which comes from yoga practice. When you have finished the cycle, notice your surroundings and move on. If the thought returns, notice it and let it go. It’s just a thought – it doesn’t exist.

  1. Stop
  2. Notice the thought
  3. Breathe 3 and 3 for 5
  4. Let it go